Knitting an easy Easter bunny

Now here is a really simple idea. Knit a square in good old garter stitch, and follow these instructions to make it into a rabbit.

Just cast on 30 or so stitches and keep knitting until you have 30 ridges on each side. At this point, check it is square by picking up one of the bottom corners (say bottom left) and hold it against the opposite top corner (in this example the to right). If the side of your piece is the same as the bottom, you have a square. If not, add a little more or undo a bit until it is. Yes, I know that is obvious once you have thought of it, but you would be amazed how many people haven’t.

Then make a running stitch triangle, as shown in this post, gather it up and stuff it to make the head, stuff the body and sew up the back seam, and you are done, apart from adding a fluffy tail. How simple is that?

There are some variations on the post, and I think using moss stitch could be a good idea as well. Mine needs a few stitches on his ears to finish him off, but I need to be in the right mood for that kind of fiddly job. The key thing for making him stand up is a nice little pompom tail, just at the right angle, so check he stands up before finishing off his tail.

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