My map quilt

For many years, I’ve been thinking about doing a block of the month project. There are usually a good selection available, but I never took the plunge. Sometimes there was a nagging idea that I could work something similar out for myself, and I would like it more. Usually I know that, although I really like the result, I won’t enjoy the technique.

Then in 2020, I started two block of the month projects.

This map of the UK has far too much applique in it for me, but I decided that the result would be worth it, and I went for it. To start off with, I kept up with it reasonably well, but then I got to the point where the next job was to embroider all the counmty names. I hadn’t decided what landmarks I wanted to include, so I was worried that I might find I’d written somewhere I wanted a picture.

The map was divided into regions, so the counties could be assembled in manageable units. That worked fine, and I made good progress. The problem came when I put the when country together. Somehow, there is a problem in the middle, so Yorkshire and Lincolnshire overlapped, and the Humber didn’t exist. Eventually, I managed to fix that, and the county boundaries are slightly wider here and there to cover the gaps.

I’m quite pleased with the way it has turned out:

About The Proof Angel

I am a freelance editor and proofreader, working with a wide range of clients from large companies to individuals. I can help you to communicate clearly by carrying out a final check, or by suggesting ideas get your message over. I am an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. I also have a sideline in textiles, as The Rainbow Angel.
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