Here are some links to some useful information about textiles:

  • I’m pretty sure that most of us have no idea where our sewing machine instruction book is. I’m feeling quite smug here, because mine came to light when we moved house. l managed to keep track of it, and it is currently in a pocket on the sewing room chair. However, the day will surely come when I too need this link to all sorts of sewing machine manuals.
  • If you are into patchwork and quilting, you can spend hours looking at this quilt block library. Remember, looking at this is not a waste of time. It is research. Research is what you are doing when you are not doing anything else.
  • This page gives a quick reminder of the uses for various types of embroidery needles.
  • And here is one about types of sewing machine needles.
  • The Fashion Timeline has a wealth of information about fashion history.
  • Here are some useful guides: