Sewing box

I found an old sewing box in a second hand shop a while ago. It was a bit battered, and in need of some tlc. The fabric covered top seemed the obvious place to put pins, but it was very hard, and not easy to push pins in. So I took it apart to see what happened.

The fabric turned out to be wrapped round a piece of polystyrene, stuck to some corrigated card, which had been glued and pinned to a bit of plywood, then stuck to the top of the box.

So I could have used the top for pin cushions, but it wouldn’t have been long before the polystyrene disintergrated, so it was no bad think to get it sorted. Anyway, I was past the point of no return.

Having got everything apart, I went off to buy some chalk paint. Actually, that is an oversimplification. There were several occasions when I was in the right sort of shop, buying something sensible, trying to remember what else I needed. But eventually, I got some sage paint.

I wondered about drawing a paper pattern for the new cushions, but I decided that was too hard and fiddly. I used the cardboard, and turned the edges of a piece of calico round the edges to make the base. Then I wrapped another piece round the polysyrene and oversewed the two shapes together round three sides. Then I slipped the polystyrene out, stuffed it with lentils, and oversewed up the last side. That made the cushions the right shape, but a little too small, and the sides curled up a bit, leasving a gap. Probably too much stuffing, but it is better to get it firm.

I don’t know why it is that whenever I need a small piece of fabric I can never find one that is the right thickness, or the right colour, or the pattern is the right scale. Eventually, I found some left over from some old bedroom curtains. Laura Ashley ones from the 90s. I stretched this over the cushions, and stuck the edges down on the original plywood shape, using hot glue.

And here is the result:

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