My new sewing room friend

About a year ago, I made a doll who sits by the sewing machine and holds bits and bobs. I’ve been really pleased. She is a good worker.

But there is a problem. Gradually, all the pins are moving into the sewing room. I sit somewhere else to get myself organised, then I go into the sewing room, and put the pins in the doll’s pincushion when I take them out of the fabric.

So I needed to recruit another one so they can job share. The plan is that when the doll in the living room runs out of pins, I can swap her with the sewing room doll, who will have accumulated loads of pins.

I’ve had an old book for a long time abut the different ways children can make figures out of scraps. One idea in that book is to get a large bead, or a small ball, and glue it onto the top of a milk bottle. You then draw a face on the bead and make clothes out of paper. And you make hair by sticking knitting wool on the bead. This is all very well, but it reminds me of the time Blue Peter encouraged us to make a Dougal from an old washing up liquid bottle. Draw a face round the nozzle (nose), and stick knitting wool over the top and down the sides of the body. Except ours didn’t stick down the sides of the bottle. That was the end of Blue Peter makes for us. Anyway…

I’ve developed that idea, by using a wine bottle as a base, and adding a head and arms made of fabric. I’ve used some jelly roll strips that I’ve had in my stash for a while. I’m really pleased with the result.

I decided to write down what I did as I worked, so I’ve put the pattern on my Etsy shop.



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